Ma musique

Den 3 sep år 2010 dog min hund Isak. Han hade hjärtproblem som många Cavalier lider av pågrund av avel.
Isak är mitt allt. Jag har aldrig älskat någon så starkt som min älskade hund. Jag värdesatt honom över allt och alla. Men livet är en berg och dalbana. Åker man ner så ska man inte blunda, man ska se, uppleva smärtan så man klarar sig upp igen.

Läs gärna texten när du lyssnar som står nedanför klippet.

Sång, musik, text av mig till Isak.


Snow - Bless my love

I scream so hard

From the bottom of my heart

For you to come back

Heal you from the heart attack


Every tear are choking me

Lost in the deepest fear


Will I ever kiss you in the middle of your eyes

Will you ever be with me and look when the sun rise?


On the place we lost each other

Before you lay in the arms of my mother




You sat at your window a cold September night

As a ghost that was shining bright


And you looked into me, appealing eyes

So strong, so good, so incredible wise


When I whispered the words that I wouldn’t let go

For you to realize a beautiful soul


The same night when your eyes glaze over and my burst into tears

You can’t thirst this fear




Told you everyday: do not sleep too deep my love

And now you look down on me from above


Don’t be the sinking stone in the bottom of an ocean

I can’t dive down in those emotions


Drowning in life with the stone in my chest

You are blessed

And you are still here

Sitting at your window

Caress me with a blow

From the wind that whisperings slow


Remember when we sat here and smiled?

Keep smiling as if you are a child




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